WELCOME TO OBCP! (formerly Oui'D Brand)

About OBCP

Welcome to OBCP!


OBCP is a BLACK & WOMAN OWNED, hand crafted, small batch, cannabis product development brand. Our purpose is to help change the stigmas on cannabis use, and provide safe, healthy, and DELICIOUS methods for cannabis consumption. Cannabis is a beautiful plant, that can be consumed healthily, just like the other greens we use in our kitchens. It just happens to get you high! The plant has tremendous medicinal properties, that can help in more ways than it can harm. And the use of it dates back centuries.

When most people think of cannabis, they think of smoking it. And yes, that is one way that people enjoy it. OBCP's mission is to bring cannabis into the lives & kitchens of those who are hesitant about consuming it at all. As well as, introducing new and flavorful uses and techniques to our frequent cannabis users. From adding our Cannahoney to your morning coffee or bedtime tea, to buttering your pancakes or baking with our Cannabutter. Even sautéing your veggies or frying your chicken in our Cannaoil. And there’s always simply adding our Cannabis products to your favorite recipes, no matter what they call for. Our products are meant to enhance any meal, drink, or recipe. The possibilities are endless and OBCP is here to be your guide!

Recipes for use with OBCP products coming soon!